I Love to Learn… From my Students

My Students, Rock! I learn something new every time I step into my classroom.

Things my Students Taught me:

      • Royalty Free Photos and Icons –
      • Pressing the W key – toggles bounding boxes so that you can SEE your document without the guides in Adobe Creative Suite applications
      • Apple Symbols Font Glyphs – for special characters and emoticons
      • Canva.coman online free photo editor
      • About.Me – which I now share with all of my social media marketing students.
      • Grammarly.com – an online proofreader.
      • FotoFuze.com – enhance your product photos with professional backgrounds.
      • During a Photoshop Elements class
        • Email out the same easy to use photos for everyone to work on the same photos to follow along and learn how to use the various Tools.
      • From my Friend’s 16 yr old daughter
        • iPhone Messages App
          • Just before sending your text message > press and hold on send icon > and you can select from balloons, fireworks, laser, confetti, etc…
      • During an Android Class
        • Facebook launched colored posts only for Android
        • Hopefully, iPhone will follow soon – I am still so jealous! 😉
      • That there are 8 different ways to get something done on the computer… for a long time there were 3 ways, then 6 which lasted for a while, and now there are 8 ways!:
        1. Application Tools
        2. App Windows
        3. App Menus
        4. Keyboard Shortcuts
        5. On newer computers the top row of the keyboard above the function keys
        6. Right Clicking
        7. Shift Key, Ctrl key, Alt key, Command Key (Mac) in conjunction with Left Clicking your Mouse
        8. Touching the Screen on Touch-Enabled Devices



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