Let’s Talk About Privacy…Tips & Tricks in Staying Safe on the Internet

Fraud and Internet Security have become hot topic issues as the Internet continues to grow.

Some tips and tricks to help you feel more secure about your Internet presence.

  1. Log Out / Sign Out – of every web page that you’ve logged into – DO NOT just close the window.
  2. Peruse through your Privacy Settings on every Internet Account you have. Every time the App gets updated, return to your Privacy Settings and re-adjust them.
  3. Remember that you are in Charge!
  4. REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORDS! Write them down, log them into Apps, Save Them.
  5. Listen to your Gut! If an email looks Fishy – it is! It’s that simple, even if the person is a lifelong friend in your address book. If they ask for your Mother’s Maiden Name, your entire birthday, your middle name… JUST SAY NO and whatever you do DON’T CLICK!
  6. If you do let someone in remotely, HANG UP IMMEDIATELY! Then uninstall the remote App from your Computer.
  7. Make sure your Firewall is ON in your System Settings/Preferences.
  8. Every once in a while, empty your cache and cookies from your web browser.
  9. Close all open sessions on Facebook.
  10. Keep Computer Updated and Running Smoothly on Latest Windows or Mac OS X.
  11. Enable 2-step authentication and verification to prove you are you.
  12. NEVER do online quizzes or Facebook polls
  13. NEVER Email any SS numbers, full names, CCs – answer those questions over the phone. 

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