Save Your Battery’s Life

How to Save your Batterys Life Expectancy in a few easy steps: 

1. Low Power mode and which apps drain your battery

2. double press home button > slide up on open apps to close

3. Go to safari > press double box icon in lower right > press x on all open tabs 

4. Settings > privacy settings > location > uncheck always option and never allow Waze and other map apps to always run in background – select while using or never

5. Turn off background refresh under general for all unused apps

6. Download phone clean to clean up phone cache 

7. Clear cache and cookies from safari. Go to settings > safari > clear history. 

8. Adjust Auto brightness on screen intensity. Slide up from bottom, control panel will appear and you’ll be able to adjust screen brightness 

9. Uninstall unused apps. Make apps wiggle by pressing on home screen. Then tap on x on ones you no longer use. 

10. Auto lock your phone 

11. Turn off wifi when not using it -Never leave it not connected 

12. Settings > mail > manual – don’t leave it on fetch 

13. Keep phone updated to latest iOS 

14. Turn off vibrations 

15. Turn push notifications 

16. Disable Bluetooth

17. close personal hotspot 

18. Set phone to airplane mode

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