Verizon > AOL – Email Problems?

Verizon has migrated your email account over to AOL! Ugh! verizon-aol.png

For those of you who use multiple devices, PC/MacBook laptops, iPhone/iPad and/or Google Android/Samsung mobile phones and tablets; you have just been living an email, contacts and calendar nightmare because you have lost the ability to sync and are unable to read your email in one location.

My recommendation is to create a new syncing based IMAP email account and import your Verizon/AOL email into that new email account: (Outlook, Gmail or iCloud) so that you can read all of your email in one place and your mobile devices will sync accordingly.

To Do This:

  1. First setup your new email account by typing any of the following into your web browser:, or
  2. click sign up or create new account
  3. fill in all spaces – try for your same user name as your Verizon account
  4. write down your password, or better yet keep the passwords the same
  5. Login to that account
  6. Go to Settings
  7. select Accounts and Import
  8. Add your email (you must know your Verizon email password) and click save
  9. check your email inbox
  10. your email inbox will be divided up into your Verizon email and the other email account
  11. send yourself and email to both your verizon email and your new (Outlook, Gmail or iCloud) email – you should see two email messages
  12. Now, download the Gmail, iCloud or Outlook Email app to your mobile device
  13. Login to the app
  14. And read and see all of your email in one place

Of course if you need further assistance with all of the above, I am available for private computer help.

Good luck!

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