Have you been Hacked?

It seems that every other day, one of your friends is being ‘hacked’, you are receiving Fake emails or Fake messages with typos or you hear about a friends computer being taken over and held hostage by Ransomware at a dinner conversation.

The Virus IS the Email, Message or Hack!  The Hack IS the notion that YOU WILL Share and Pass IT along to your Entire Contact List.

DON’T Share – RESIST the Urge!

Learn How to Spot a Fake Friend Request:

  1. Do you know the requester or have any friends in common?
  2. Is this Friend an attractive person of the opposite sex?
  3. Does the request come from a person with a very limited Facebook history? i.e a Fake Profile
  4. Does this person have an unusually small or large number of Friends of the same sex?
  5. Is there very little personal content on their timeline?

Be Aware! Be Very Aware and Pay Attention! Review your Friends List, know who your Friends are. Meet them in Real Life before Friending them. Call them first before Sharing.

Report the Fake Accounts: 

1 – Go to the Timeline page of the fake Facebook account.

2 – Click the button labeled with 3 dots (it’s located beside the Message button), then click Report.

3 – Click Report this account.

4 – Select Report XXXXX’s account.

5 – Click the Continue button.

This has been a public service announcement. Thank you!

Got a Question? Bonnie has an Answer.

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