Apple iPhone & Amazon Echo are great companions

  1. Find your iPhone & your Keys

  • Download the TrackR App on your iPhone.
  • Open the app, select Find Your iPhone With Alexa, and follow the instructions. Then, ask Alexa to enable TrackR.
  • Once it’s all set up, all you have to do is say “Alexa, tell TrackR to find my phone” and she will.
  • If you own a Tile device, Alexa can find your keys too (assuming your physical Tile device is attached to them).
  • Just say “Alexa, ask Tile to find my phone.” or “Alexa, ask Tile to find my keys.”

2. Stream Apple Music or your iTunes Library via Bluetooth

  • Alexa can play very nice holiday music through Amazon, but you can also program Alexa to play your Apple Music, or your locally stored iTunes library.
  • Just, say “Alexa, Pair.”
  • Then, under Settings on your iPhone > tap the Bluetooth menu and select Echo.

3. Call your Friends and Family

  • Alexa can access your Contacts.
  • Say “Alexa? – Call Jill”

4. Control your Echo Remotely

  • Download the Amazon Shopping App.
  • Use the little microphone icon next to the search bar to communicate with Echo from another room. Alexa is linked to your Amazon account.

5. Set Up Routines

  • Download the Alexa App.
  • Alexa can automatically turn on your lights and read you the latest news and give you traffic information.
  • Tap Routines > then press the + to create a new Routine.


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