How to Organize Your Web Based Email Contacts

How to Merge the Duplicates and Organize your Email Contacts:

  1. On your computer…. > open your web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox)
  2. In the address bar at the very top > enter in….
  1. if you have multiple email addresses… click on the + sign or grey tab to open a new tab and type in one of the above domain names
  2. Next…. sign in with your email address and your password
  • in Gmail click on the 9 little boxes in the upper right corner > click on Contacts
  • in Outlook click on the 9 little boxes in the upper left corner > click on People
  • in Yahoo click on the little head that is to the right of Mail
  • in Comcast click on Address Book
  1. scroll down to find your duplicates > click the little box before each duplicate so that a check mark appears in that box > under More or Manage > click Merge
  • Keep your iPhone nearby so that you can see the changes update in real time
  1. Next click on the just email addresses > and enter that persons name and click save
  2. if you have 2 entries for that person (1, phone number and 1, email address) click the phone number and email address and click More or Manage to Merge the phone number entry with the email address entry

On your iPhone:

  1. go to Settings (grey gear icon)
  2. click accounts & passwords
  3. tap your other email address 
  4. turn off the green light on just that email address
  5. the idea is to have, use and see just 1 address book/contact list from your iPhone
  6. *** remember that all of your email addresses have their own address book/contact list, but that you don’t have to view all of them on your iPhone***
  7. the email and the address book are located in each cloud,, and so on…. 
Good Luck!

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