Helpful How To’s

How to Move your Pictures from the Photos App to your Pictures Folder: gallery

  1. Click Finder Face on Lower Left (Finder) or Click your Desktop
  2. Click File Menu > New Finder Window > View Menu to 3 Column Format
  3. Click File Menu > Create New Folder > Name that Folder the name of the pictures you are moving “New Hampshire”
  4. Double left click Photos (iPhoto) App to Launch
  5. Go to your Albums and or Photos in Photos App
  6. Drag and Drop selected Photos to 2nd column in Finder Window


When Selecting your Photo Files:

  • If Photo Files are Sequential > select first photo > hold down shift key > select last photo > all photos will result in a blue box surrounding each photo
  • if photos are mixed up and not sequential > select first photo > hold down cmd or control key > and then drag and drop selected photos to your Pictures folder


How to Delete Burst Photos and Empty your Recently Deleted Items Folder

  1. tap Photos App
  2. tap AlbumsRecently-Deleted
  3. tap Bursts
  4. tap Burst Photo
  5. tap Select…
  6. tap on your favorite
  7. tap done
  8. tap keep only 1 favorite
  9. tap back button to return to Albums
  10. tap recently deleted
  11. tap select
  12. tap delete all
  13. tap Delete ## items


How to Remove Live Photos 

  1. tap Photos App
  2. tap Albumsios11-camera-live-photo-icon
  3. tap Live Photos Album
  4. tap Burst Photo
  5. Select a Photo
  6. Tap Edit
  7. Tap Live
  8. Tap Done
  9. Go to Next Live Photo in Album
  10. Rinse – Repeat

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