Virtually Microsoft Office?

How To: Create a Word Online Document > Save​ it > ​Share it > Edit it (in Word Online or download it to Word on your Computer)Image result for word online icon

  1. open your web browser (edge, chrome, firefox or safari) 
  2. Image result for onedrive icontype into 

    ​the search bar of your web browser 
  3. hit enter 
  4. click sign in 
  5. sign in with your outlook email account (this could be your email address too ) 

  6. you will arrive at your outlook email 
  7. then > click on the 9 little boxes in the upper left corner next to Outlook 
  8. ​click Word 
  9. click on New Blank Documentor Open an Existing Document to work on 

  10. type and or edit your Text 
  11. when finished > File Menu > Save As > Save a Copy to OneDrive 
  12. at the top next to document name > click Share+ 
  13. fill in To: recipients email address, fill in subject > type your ​message 

  14. ** click “recipients can edit” 
  15. ​choose if recipients need to be signed in with their Microsoft account?  
  16. YOU > return to OneDrive 
  17. ​c​lick Shared 
  18. click ​the document 

  19. ​click edit document 
  20. File > Save As > Save As > Save > “lesson 3 with corrections” > Save to a Folder or just Save it > Name Document > Save Button​

  21. Click Share+ (at top blue bar)​ > fill in To: email ​address of person who needs to see the document

  22. click on “Recipients can edit” ** see notes below **​ > don’t need Outlook account > Share 
  23. That person signs into their Email > clicks on Email to open 
  24. ​Recipient now has the choice to download document or edit it at Word Online​
  25. ​If Editing Document at Word Online > Must first click on Edit Document
    ​ (on top Blue Bar) ​have Choice to edit in Word or edit in Browser 
  26. ​Word Online = allows Both People ​to edit and work on ​the same document at same time – you will see each other’s names in the upper right corner and when the other is typing you will see their marks in real time ​too​
  27. Everybody makes their changes > and ​everyone can then Save the File by clicking on File > Save As > Save As > Save when finished to Save document 

  28. **You can also download document and work on Word (on your computer or device) ​at any time​

** YOU MUST FEEL COMFORTABLE WORKING WITH SEVERAL OPEN TABS IN YOUR WEB BROWSER AND REMEMBER WHERE YOU ARE ** The Web Browser is the first two rows on top of the Browser Window ** Word Online begins with the Blue Bar and the 9 little white boxes in the upper left corner on the third row ** And the Menu Bar is the fourth row just below the Blue Row **


** your Recipient has a choice to make corrections at Word Online or Word on their Computer **

  • if you want the recipient to be able to make corrections at Word Online = select Recipients need to sign in with a Microsoft account
  • if you want the recipient to retrieve document in their email inbox and be able to download the document and work on it on their computer at Word (not online) = select Recipients don’t need a Microsoft account

When the Document is Shared = It Can be found in OneDrive Shared Folder (Microsoft’s Cloud)

When the Document is Emailed = It’s in the Recipients Mailbox

​This scenario also works for Excel Online and PowerPoint Online too.

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