How Important is Logging Out?

Don’t be Lazy! When you are finished surfing the Internet and finished writing and sending email – LOG OUT of the website and QUIT the program!

Why is it so important to log out of websites and apps, rather than just closing the browser or program?

Do you ever wonder what could happen?Image result for keep calm and log out

Just because the browser is closed doesn’t mean that the session is finished running. The website remembers being logged into your account on that browser. The browser remembers your username and password and tells the site when it comes back that it was logged into.

By simply closing the browser, you are ALLOWING ANYONE with access to your computer, legally or not, to open the browser and have instant access to your accounts and websites – without having to access any passwords or usernames!

Especially, if you are logged in on a public wi-fi or public computer!

LOG OUT of your websites! Especially banking websites. LOG OUT of ALL Tabs too! NEVER just close and Quit the Browser.

From time to time – clear your browsing History and empty your cache and cookies.

End all running sessions on Facebook. Keep your computer updated. Make sure the Firewall is ON. And practice SAFE Internet practice.

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