How to Correctly #Hashtag

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In practice, hashtags are used to categorize social media content. By including the #KEYWORD in a post, it then becomes a visible clickable link inside that post and when clicked it gets categorized and appears with other posts using that same hashtag.

When used properly, hashtags make it easier for users to find related content. They can help increase the visibility of your own brand and help boost your own posts and topics.

However, when overused, they can negatively impact your credibility on social media and can have the inverse effect of decreasing your social activity. As well as giving others the credit that you or your company deserves.

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Best Number of Hashtags by Social Network:

Facebook: use 1-2 per post

Twitter: use 1-2 per post

Pinterest: use 2-3 per post

Google+: use 2-3 per post

Instagram: use 3-5 per post

The best way to use hashtags is to make a list of your own keywords for your brand and then create your own. You can also search for them on all social media platforms as well as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to make sure your hashtag is unique to you. A clever hashtag is one that includes your Name, your Location and or your zip code. The hashtag represents what folks are searching for to find YOU!


Some Uniuqe Examples:

#HammerizedSarasota, #GetYourComputerHammerizedbyBonnieHammer, #Hammerized34232, #BonnieHammerizedHammer, #BonnieHammerConceirgeComputerTutor



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