Is Facebook Hiding Posts From You?

There have been plenty of changes in Facebook over the years, and users have always found ways to adapt to them. Use the steps below to take control of your News Feed and prioritize which posts and which friends you see first!

And remember YOU are in Charge!

  1. On the Facebook homepage, click the drop-down arrow on the top right and select “News Feed Preferences”.
  2. Select “Prioritize who to see first”.
  3. Choose “All” in the view options or “Select the Friends” whose posts you don’t want to miss. You’ll always find them at the top of your News Feed.
  4. Sharing posts from that page with friends and family also tells Facebook you’re okay with the content from that Page, thus making sure you see more from that page more often.

    And this way your News Feed doesn’t have to fill up with this:

    “Have you wondered where everybody has been? It’s ridiculous to have 500 friends and only see the same 25 friends over and over. Here’s how to bypass the system FB now has in place that limits posts on your news feed. Their new algorithm chooses the same few people – about 25 – who will read your posts. Therefore, Hold your finger down anywhere in this post and “copy” will pop up. Click “copy”. Then go your page, start a new post and put your finger anywhere in the blank field. “Paste” will pop up and click paste. This will bypass the system. If you are reading this message, do me a favor and leave me a quick comment…a “hello,” a sticker, whatever you want, so you will appear in my newsfeed.”

    The real reason why this Works – is because this is Facebook’s algorithm – the more your post, react and comment – Facebook brings that post back to the top of your news feed. Some folks are just perusing through Facebook land, they are Not posting, reacting or commenting. And because they aren’t participating they become invisible.

    Hope this Tip helps you better understand Facebook.

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