Training Your Brain

Why Learning the Computer is Similar to Learning How to Line Dancedownload

For the last 4 years, I have been line dancing every Thursday night, @TheWhiteBuffaloSaloon.

I take Tim Schalch‘s line dancing lessons from 6:30pm – 8:30pm and stay well past 9:30/10:30pm every week. I have even rearranged my schedule to have Friday off – because Thursday night has become my Friday Eve.

Pam Wingo teaches on Friday evenings and until recently; John Dembiec on Saturday evenings.

Each line dance instructor has made me a better computer instructor. And I will gladly tell you why.

I learned repetition and again and again until you make the steps a muscle memory from Tim Schalch, fake it till you make it and mess up catch up from Pam Wingo and a few of my favorite dances with choreography from John Dembiec.

Truthfully, there are probably only about 20 steps in total, but each song has particular steps in 16-64 counts and 2 or 4 walls. Some of the more complicated dances have tags and restarts which used to really mess me up, but now I just listen to the music, and I ‘can hear’ the when the chorus chimes in.

You see; both the computer and line dancing require you to Listen with your Ears, See with your Eyes and Touch with your Hands for the computer and Feet with line dancing. We use 3 out of our 5 senses to learn each. The entire body is engaged. If you are a visual learner as I am, you can watch someone else’s feet or watch what I am doing on the big screen in the classroom and eventually with lots of practice learn by doing the same moves over and over and again and again, you will eventually get it. Your body will remember the steps and the hand movements. If you are an auditory learner, you will hear when the music changes and listen to the instructor when they are counting the steps and teaching. And when you are a tactile learner, you will learn by doing the steps or moving your mouse until it becomes a muscle memory.

People get tired or get a headache after a 2-hour computer class or a 2-hour dance lesson because you are exercising your brain. I find that I learn best if I stop thinking and use my senses and let my body follow.

That’s why we who teach like to call it Brain Training. Of course, alcoholic beverages tend to help too.

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