good-jobHi Bonnie..I wanted to tell you I got a new client from Yelp..it’s amazing…I’m so glad I took your class..thank you so much for helping me.

I wanted to let you know that You are the BEST of the 3 teachers in the 3 classes that I am currently taking at ACE!!

You are a genius at working with all different levels.

I really enjoyed our class and look forward to learning more.

Thanks for showing me how much fun my phone can be.

Thanks for your class. Looking forward to learning more from you over the years!

Our Meeting last night was inspirational and informative. I think you are terrific, fun to work with and can help grow my business.  I  would like to continue to work together. Thank you!

Thanks for your great presentation at the Venice Tech Users Group. We all loved it!

I’m so jazzed we met! Your a terrific inspiration!

Many thanks from your student!!!!

“I just completed Social Media with Bonnie Hammer. As I reflect on my many classes and instructors since 2002, I feel so grateful to have had such high caliber instructors. As a novice to social media, I was concerned about the class. However, Bonnie is an amazing instructor. She so thoroughly assessed everyone’s level and responded to questions with such clarity insuring that we “got it”. Bonnie has a technique of including everyone so we learned from each other as well. She truly excels at teaching.  Thank you so much! Just wanted you to know that I am a believer! I tried an experiment yesterday by having an open house with no print ads at all. Just using what I learned in your class. Not only did I have a record attendance. I had Sarasota residents that came at the request of friends out of state who said, go see that listing, its open on Sunday. Amazing…and very successful. Yesterday I put a different listing under contract in a LBK complex where none of the five others have sold for months. I am most grateful I took the class.”

Thanks. I always update but never knew about updating the apps. Thanks.

Bonnie is an outstanding instructor and her students develop many useful skills.

Thank You Bonnie.  Looking forward to another iPhone Class with you!

Eureka – I got it! You did a great job! Thank you so much for all you do for all those kids, and for us! All the best.

Thank you so much for your help yesterday.  You helped us to make sense of our mess with our “elderly” Mac.  We were able to pull all of our music from our external backup hard drive and put it all on a flash drive.  The whole music file was over 40GB!  It took until this morning to transfer the files b/c I had to do it in groups but I has been accomplished! Hope you have a great weekend

Bonnie, Thank you very much for the info. Appreciate your going the extra mile

Was so nice to have such an orderly presentation of operations for the MacBook. You are a wonderful instructor.  Thanks so much.

Thank you so much! I have really enjoyed your Adobe InDesign at Ringling College of Art and Design class!

Thanks for the informative iPhone class today at The Glenridge.

You are a genius!! Thanks so much for your help and your willingness.

I do not do mass emails but I had to share my new find with you and I ask that you share it with anyone you know who might be in need. I have been looking for someone to come to my home and help me with all my apple products.  I found a wonderful lady who knows her way around Apple, iMac, PC’s, PowerPoint, Social Media, Windows, Word and Word Press. She is very patient and easy to learn from and she does not treat you like a dummy!  She will show you things you had no idea you could do.  Extremely trustworthy.  Very fair pricing. $65 for an hour.  You can also buy a pack of sessions.  I am just blown away by this wonderful teacher.  She is young and so up to date with all the new technologies. Call her and talk to her 941-350-6396. You will not be disappointed.

Awesome Bonnie you are the best teacher and I am looking forward to getting more computer literate Thank you I will register today!!

Hi, Bonnie, Enjoyed your FB for Business class recently!  Thanks for the update on your upcoming classes.  I have been very interested in the Social Media courses.  I’ll watch for additional courses that you’re teaching, Bonnie.  I have been recommending your course to friends here and there who need to learn more about FB. When I get my Facebook business page published, I’ll still invite you to Like it. Please keep me on your distribution list.  Thanks very much, Bonnie, and take care!

Hey Bonnie, I am happy to report that when class began my likes were in the 30’s somewhere.  After your class I started really working the strategies you shared and watched the likes grow like crazy.  I hit 225 today.  WooHoo!  Thanks!

Bonnie, I was present at your Facebook presentation for the Venice Technology Computer Users Group. Good Job!

Thank you so much for coming to our Venice Technology Computer Users Group. Excellent presentation.

Bonnie, it was our pleasure to have you as a speaker. You did a great job and we hope it leads to business for you. Our biggest crowds come as more snow birds return and particularly if the topic is iPad. Peace

Thanks Bonnie for sending your iPad-Step I.  I know it will be very helpful.

Thanks for the great session today.

Bonnie, You rock.  I just looked at your How-to-Setup-Blog briefly, thank you!  I really enjoyed working together yesterday and feel that we are in good hands!

Hi Bonnie, Thank you very much for the handout, it is really excellent. Thanks a Million.

Thank you, Bonnie.  The iPad/iPhone class was great and I learned a lot.  Looking forward to next class. Some of my children are coming to spend a few days with me. I hope to impress them!

The presentation you gave to WCA today was well organized and very easy to follow.  Convinced me to look up places you teach beginner media classes in the Venice/Englewood/Sarasota area.  Thanks for making these electronic gadgets sound easy to use for older artist folks who are “electronically challenged.”



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