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Can’t Make Outgoing Calls? Lost Your Contacts?

B0B16E0A-99DC-4469-8832-F33FCF14632A-337x600 Call Failed? Unable to Call Out?

Actually, it’s quite nice… I can only receive phone calls and texts and emails, but can’t return any voicemails. Not the worst thing that could happen… but still annoying. Especially when your tennis game gets rained out and you need to call the ladies to tell them not to make the drive over.

So, what can you do to fix it?

First power down your phone. Do this by pressing and holding the power button and slide to power off. Wait 10 seconds or so, then press and hold the power button again and bring it back to life.

For me – #1 just worked. Yay! I tried to make my call again and it worked just fine. My friend answered and I let her know that tennis was, in fact, rained out. =(

If #1 doesn’t work for you like it did for me – #2 would be to check and make sure Airplane Mode is, in fact, Off. Go to Settings > Airplane Mode > Off.

If #2 doesn’t work make sure your Do Not Disturb settings are Off too. Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb. And make sure the circle is grey.


As for your MIA Contacts:Image result for contacts missing from iphone

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Accounts & Passwords
  3. Tap each email account
  4. Make sure each Contact Address Book is Green (ON)
  5. If Contacts are in fact Green and ON >
  6. Go to the Contacts app >
  7. Tap Groups >
  8. Is your desired address book checked? (see below)
  9. If your address book is Checked and your contacts are still MIA >
  10. Then you MUST Log into each address book and move your contacts to the Cloud.
  11. See How to Organize your Email Contacts

Image result for contacts missing from iphone


How to Use Siri to Send an Email and a Text Message

How to Use Siri to Send an Email and a Text Message:
  1. First, go to
    the Settings App on your iPhone
  2. Tap Siri & Search
  3. Tap (to turn ON green) Listen for “Hey Siri”, Press Home for Siri, Allow Siri When Phone is Locked
  4. Then to Use ‘her’ > Press and Hold your Home Button and when she appears > Say “Hey Siri”
  5. Say “Send a Message” (a message is a Text)
  6. Reply with the person’s name, after She asks (if the person’s name is already in your Contacts > if it’they aren’t > then say that person’s cell phone number or email address
  7. Speak your message after Siri asks you “what you want the message to say”
  8. Say “Send” to Send your Message or Email
  9. Have Fun!

How to Brand Yourself or Your Small Business

These are my recommendations for a successful social media marketing campaign:

  1. Create your own website and or blogsite with your brand name – note this can be a free site too
  2. Create a Facebook Business Page with the same username that you use for your blog
  3. Connect your Facebook Business Page to your Business Instagram account
  4. Create a Twitter account with the same username
  5. Link all back to the dedicated website and or blogsite
  6. Make a keyword, tag, category list of at least 30-100 words to use in sentences, posts and details about you and your page
  7. Boost posts, create events and publish a catalog for those that still prefer print
  8. Send out a constant contact or mail chimp newsletter
  9. define your target audience
  10. invite your friends, fans, and email lists to all of the above
  11. tell every single person, student, colleague that you know
  12. post, blog, word of mouth both in real life and on the above sites
  13. I offer my services to help you do all of this…. 😉


Virtually Microsoft Office?

How To: Create a Word Online Document > Save​ it > ​Share it > Edit it (in Word Online or download it to Word on your Computer)Image result for word online icon

  1. open your web browser (edge, chrome, firefox or safari) 
  2. Image result for onedrive icontype into 

    ​the search bar of your web browser 
  3. hit enter 
  4. click sign in 
  5. sign in with your outlook email account (this could be your email address too ) 

  6. you will arrive at your outlook email 
  7. then > click on the 9 little boxes in the upper left corner next to Outlook 
  8. ​click Word 
  9. click on New Blank Documentor Open an Existing Document to work on 

  10. type and or edit your Text 
  11. when finished > File Menu > Save As > Save a Copy to OneDrive 
  12. at the top next to document name > click Share+ 
  13. fill in To: recipients email address, fill in subject > type your ​message 

  14. ** click “recipients can edit” 
  15. ​choose if recipients need to be signed in with their Microsoft account?  
  16. YOU > return to OneDrive 
  17. ​c​lick Shared 
  18. click ​the document 

  19. ​click edit document 
  20. File > Save As > Save As > Save > “lesson 3 with corrections” > Save to a Folder or just Save it > Name Document > Save Button​

  21. Click Share+ (at top blue bar)​ > fill in To: email ​address of person who needs to see the document

  22. click on “Recipients can edit” ** see notes below **​ > don’t need Outlook account > Share 
  23. That person signs into their Email > clicks on Email to open 
  24. ​Recipient now has the choice to download document or edit it at Word Online​
  25. ​If Editing Document at Word Online > Must first click on Edit Document
    ​ (on top Blue Bar) ​have Choice to edit in Word or edit in Browser 
  26. ​Word Online = allows Both People ​to edit and work on ​the same document at same time – you will see each other’s names in the upper right corner and when the other is typing you will see their marks in real time ​too​
  27. Everybody makes their changes > and ​everyone can then Save the File by clicking on File > Save As > Save As > Save when finished to Save document 

  28. **You can also download document and work on Word (on your computer or device) ​at any time​

** YOU MUST FEEL COMFORTABLE WORKING WITH SEVERAL OPEN TABS IN YOUR WEB BROWSER AND REMEMBER WHERE YOU ARE ** The Web Browser is the first two rows on top of the Browser Window ** Word Online begins with the Blue Bar and the 9 little white boxes in the upper left corner on the third row ** And the Menu Bar is the fourth row just below the Blue Row **


** your Recipient has a choice to make corrections at Word Online or Word on their Computer **

  • if you want the recipient to be able to make corrections at Word Online = select Recipients need to sign in with a Microsoft account
  • if you want the recipient to retrieve document in their email inbox and be able to download the document and work on it on their computer at Word (not online) = select Recipients don’t need a Microsoft account

When the Document is Shared = It Can be found in OneDrive Shared Folder (Microsoft’s Cloud)

When the Document is Emailed = It’s in the Recipients Mailbox

​This scenario also works for Excel Online and PowerPoint Online too.

Helpful How To’s

How to Move your Pictures from the Photos App to your Pictures Folder: gallery

  1. Click Finder Face on Lower Left (Finder) or Click your Desktop
  2. Click File Menu > New Finder Window > View Menu to 3 Column Format
  3. Click File Menu > Create New Folder > Name that Folder the name of the pictures you are moving “New Hampshire”
  4. Double left click Photos (iPhoto) App to Launch
  5. Go to your Albums and or Photos in Photos App
  6. Drag and Drop selected Photos to 2nd column in Finder Window


When Selecting your Photo Files:

  • If Photo Files are Sequential > select first photo > hold down shift key > select last photo > all photos will result in a blue box surrounding each photo
  • if photos are mixed up and not sequential > select first photo > hold down cmd or control key > and then drag and drop selected photos to your Pictures folder


How to Delete Burst Photos and Empty your Recently Deleted Items Folder

  1. tap Photos App
  2. tap AlbumsRecently-Deleted
  3. tap Bursts
  4. tap Burst Photo
  5. tap Select…
  6. tap on your favorite
  7. tap done
  8. tap keep only 1 favorite
  9. tap back button to return to Albums
  10. tap recently deleted
  11. tap select
  12. tap delete all
  13. tap Delete ## items


How to Remove Live Photos 

  1. tap Photos App
  2. tap Albumsios11-camera-live-photo-icon
  3. tap Live Photos Album
  4. tap Burst Photo
  5. Select a Photo
  6. Tap Edit
  7. Tap Live
  8. Tap Done
  9. Go to Next Live Photo in Album
  10. Rinse – Repeat

Is Your Computer Backed Up in Google Cloud Yet?

Image result for google backup and sync iconJust in case you didn’t know, yet – Google has a brand-new App called Backup and Sync – which basically backs up your entire computer into Google Drive (Google’s Cloud) just like you would with a Terabyte or Apple’s Time Machine.

All you need to use is a Google account > You don’t need a Gmail email address.

How to Download Google Backup and Sync App:

  1. On your Computer > in your web browser >
  2. click on this link
  3. click the blue download backup and sync button
  4. follow the on-screen instructions

How to Use Google Backup and Sync:

  1. Once downloaded and installed (your computer will prompt you)
  2. Open your Finder window on your Mac or File Explorer (yellow) folders on your PC
  3. Also in a browser window Go To:
  4. You will see your Computer > My Computer on the left sidebar > click on the right facing arrow to see your backed up files from your Computer
  5.  If Sync doesn’t start automatically > you can click New > and select which folders/files you want to upload from your Computer

Pretty cool, right?

Any problems > I’m here to help!

Good Luck and happy backing up and syncing…



Should you be Worried About Bots?

An Internet Bot, also known as web robot, WWW robot or simply bot, is a software application that runs automated tasks over the Internet. 6422482

In January, The New York Times published an article entitled “Buying Online Influence From a Shadowy Market, Fake Followers Are Counterfeit Coins in a Booming Social Media Economy.”

Several of my students’, understandably so were quite freaked out and cut out the article and gave it to me in class. After reading it and giving the article some thought, it is my hope that you find what I have to say helpful and quell your fears.

  1. Know exactly who your audience is.
  2. Meet your audience (your friends, fans, and followers) in real life.
  3. Never pay for lists.
  4. Review your friends, followers and fans often enough so that if you do not recognize a name, you can Block it.
  5. Educate your friends who continue to send out group email to use Bcc: (blind carbon copy).

Remember that there is no shortcut to being popular. If something is too good to be true, It Is!