Apple, Google, Microsoft – Playing Nice in the Sandbox

apple-vs-android-vs-windowsI love my iPhone 7; It’s my 4th one. I also have a 27″ HP All-in-One Pavilion, running Windows 10, which I love too. I have a first generation iPad that’s in the bedside drawer that I hardly use and a MacBook Air that the school gave me.

Do they all play nice in the sandbox with each other? Not exactly.

I also have a Gmail email address, an iCloud account, and a Microsoft account. I sync my Gmail accounts (Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Notes) through Microsoft Exchange and several other clouds. My life is one giant sync. I even teach a class “Why is it so Cloudy?”.

Many times, I am asked to sync or check the sync on my clients and students computers and devices because their mail, contacts, calendars, and notes are not syncing.

Most times, Apple Mail is the culprit. Especially with the folks who prefer to use Gmail and or Microsoft as their email accounts.

After receiving several annoying popups that the server wasn’t available on my iPhone, I downloaded and installed the Gmail app and never looked back. I read my Gmail email on my PC by logging into via Chrome and all is right with my world.

But that’s just me. My email isn’t pretty, but it works without popups and always syncs. As does my calendar, notes, and contacts too. Most folks though are very stubborn. They want to use what they want to use. Mac Mail is fussy. Just remember that the .com will always work and each account prefers to use its own apps. The problems and frustrations occur when you jump across brands and accounts.