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How to Remove a ‘Bad’ Google Review

bad-review-one-star-rating-ss-1920Unfortunately, ‘bad’ reviews happen… and when they do… you are in charge and you can remove them.
To remove a bad review from your Google Business Page:
  1. Open your Web Browser
  2. Type into the search bar
  3. sign into your Google Business Account
  4. On the left side ‘table of contents’ click reviews
  5. click the little verticle dots next to the bad review
  6. click flag as inappropriate
  7. you will then be asked a few questions
  8. and might have to fill out a form
  9. be patient, as this may take a few weeks for the review to come down and for the bots to figure out it’s actually gone
  10. check back in 3-4 weeks and file another complaint if the ‘bad’ review isn’t gone
Good Luck!