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5 Tips to Avoid Falling Prey to Facebook Hackers

Consumer Reports stated that clicking on likes in Facebook brings spam and increases the likelihood one will be hacked.

Is this True? Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. But there are several ways to keep your account safe.

FIVE TIPS TO AVOID FALLING PREY TO THE FACEBOOK HACKERSImage result for facebook hacking images

  1. Check your Facebook privacy settings
  2. Periodically check your Facebook page likes to make sure nothing fishy has occurred
  3. Make sure you update your internet browser software (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Firefox)
  4. Make sure you update your operating system regularly (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS)
  5. Install and regularly update some reputable anti-virus and malware removal software
  6. Log out every time you use and finish with Facebook

To Check your Privacy Settings and Log Out of Open Sessions

  1. click on the little downward facing arrow in the upper right corner and then go to Settings
  2. next click on Security and Login on the left
  3. and find your way over to the middle “Where you’re Logged In”
  4. click on See More
  5. and then proceed to close all the sessions that you don’t recognize and or old ones before 9/2018
  6. to close the open sessions > click on the 3 little vertical dots next to the session
  7. then click Sign Out!
  8. Do the same for Privacy
  9. Your Privacy settings should be Friends only

Remember that YOU are in charge.

So now will you please like my FB page? 😉

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