Got a Problem with Apple?

Do you have an issue with your Apple device? iphone

You can click on this link and send Apple your suggestion or explain your problem or ask them a question.

Use their form to send Apple your comments. If you provide your email address, they might just contact you!

Try it! You’ll like it!

How to Use Siri to Send an Email and a Text Message

How to Use Siri to Send an Email and a Text Message:
  1. First, go to
    the Settings App on your iPhone
  2. Tap Siri & Search
  3. Tap (to turn ON green) Listen for “Hey Siri”, Press Home for Siri, Allow Siri When Phone is Locked
  4. Then to Use ‘her’ > Press and Hold your Home Button and when she appears > Say “Hey Siri”
  5. Say “Send a Message” (a message is a Text)
  6. Reply with the person’s name, after She asks (if the person’s name is already in your Contacts > if it’they aren’t > then say that person’s cell phone number or email address
  7. Speak your message after Siri asks you “what you want the message to say”
  8. Say “Send” to Send your Message or Email
  9. Have Fun!

My Classes Have Officially Started

Taught my first class of 2018 this afternoon at The Oaks U at The Oaks in Osprey, FL.

What fun we had learning all about Texting and iMessage. We even learned how to Bitmoji ourselves and then text it.  73557

I plan to have a busy fun filled weekend and then prepare for: Macintosh, Facebook for Beginners, Illustrator Business and Branding, Why is it so Cloudy?, uLearn iPhone, Google Apps, How to Blog in WordPress, Social Media Marketing, Tweet, Tweet, Twitter, and Instagram. Whew!

There is still room if you would like to Sign Up – Call 941-361-6590 for ACE Suncoast and 941-955-8866 for Ringling College of Continuing Studies.

Passwords!!! Oy Vey!


Do you have Password rage?

The frustration with Passwords, is real and has become a level playing field with beginner computer users as well as advanced wizards.

Unfortunately we all have to remember them in some fashion.

And lately there are several ways to keep track of them:

  1. We can write them down on a legal pad. And cover the paper with a plastic sleeve.
  2. They sell little black Password keeper books to keep them safe.
  3. There are several available apps, but you must remember the master password.

My students recommend 1Password – because it has little pretty icons and keeps things organized.

I myself, keep my Passwords organized in iPhone’s Notes App because it is already syncing in iCloud and available on all my devices.

I always tell my students… whatever formula works for you, use that and remember to bring your Passwords with you when using your mobile devices.