How to Brand Yourself or Your Small Business

These are my recommendations for a successful social media marketing campaign:

  1. Create your own website and or blogsite with your brand name – note this can be a free wordpress.com site too
  2. Create a Facebook Business Page with the same username that you use for your blog
  3. Connect your Facebook Business Page to your Business Instagram account
  4. Create a Twitter account with the same username
  5. Link all back to the dedicated website and or blogsite
  6. Make a keyword, tag, category list of at least 30-100 words to use in sentences, posts and details about you and your page
  7. Boost posts, create events and publish a catalog for those that still prefer print
  8. Send out a constant contact or mail chimp newsletter
  9. define your target audience
  10. invite your friends, fans, and email lists to all of the above
  11. tell every single person, student, colleague that you know
  12. post, blog, word of mouth both in real life and on the above sites
  13. I offer my services to help you do all of this…. 😉


My Classes Have Officially Started

Taught my first class of 2018 this afternoon at The Oaks U at The Oaks in Osprey, FL.

What fun we had learning all about Texting and iMessage. We even learned how to Bitmoji ourselves and then text it.  73557

I plan to have a busy fun filled weekend and then prepare for: Macintosh, Facebook for Beginners, Illustrator Business and Branding, Why is it so Cloudy?, uLearn iPhone, Google Apps, How to Blog in WordPress, Social Media Marketing, Tweet, Tweet, Twitter, and Instagram. Whew!

There is still room if you would like to Sign Up – Call 941-361-6590 for ACE Suncoast and 941-955-8866 for Ringling College of Continuing Studies.

Have Something to Say? Start the New Year off with a Blog!

Blogs are the new interactive Websites.

They are easy to start and fun to manage.

Blogs/Websites have a dedicated target audience and reader base that can be connected to all of your social media.

Top 10 Reasons to start a Blog in 2017:

  1. You’ll learn something new and will entertain your brain
  2. You’ll write better
  3. You will build your confidence
  4. It can make you money
  5. It can help aid your favorite cause
  6. It disciplines you
  7. It helps you stay in touch
  8. It helps you get published
  9. It advances your resume
  10. It boosts your business

Bonnie’s Web Design in WordPress starts Tuesday March 7 at Ringling College Continuing studies. Call 941-955-8866 to Register. She looks forward to seeing you in class!