New Year Tech Resolutions

Now accepting appointments starting January 9th if you should need help with any of the following: cartoon

  1. Make backups of your photos, videos, and music
  2. Strengthen your digital security
  3. Use a password app if you want to keep your accounts secure
  4. Spring clean your PC/Mac
  5. Upgrade your tech


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Good luck in 2018.


Apple iPhone & Amazon Echo are great companions

  1. Find your iPhone & your Keys

  • Download the TrackR App on your iPhone.
  • Open the app, select Find Your iPhone With Alexa, and follow the instructions. Then, ask Alexa to enable TrackR.
  • Once it’s all set up, all you have to do is say “Alexa, tell TrackR to find my phone” and she will.
  • If you own a Tile device, Alexa can find your keys too (assuming your physical Tile device is attached to them).
  • Just say “Alexa, ask Tile to find my phone.” or “Alexa, ask Tile to find my keys.”

2. Stream Apple Music or your iTunes Library via Bluetooth

  • Alexa can play very nice holiday music through Amazon, but you can also program Alexa to play your Apple Music, or your locally stored iTunes library.
  • Just, say “Alexa, Pair.”
  • Then, under Settings on your iPhone > tap the Bluetooth menu and select Echo.

3. Call your Friends and Family

  • Alexa can access your Contacts.
  • Say “Alexa? – Call Jill”

4. Control your Echo Remotely

  • Download the Amazon Shopping App.
  • Use the little microphone icon next to the search bar to communicate with Echo from another room. Alexa is linked to your Amazon account.

5. Set Up Routines

  • Download the Alexa App.
  • Alexa can automatically turn on your lights and read you the latest news and give you traffic information.
  • Tap Routines > then press the + to create a new Routine.


I Love Referrals!

I appreciate every one!

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How-To Create Your Digital Footprint


8 Easy Steps to Building your Digital Footprint

  1. Create a username / URL
  2. Choose your online social channels 
  3. Connect Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn to Twitter, Twitter and Instagram to Facebook, to all, Claim your brand on Yelp and Google
  4. Link and Follow related pages
  5. Post, Comment and Check-in
  6. Invite your friends and fans 
  7. Define your Target Audience
  8. Have fun

How-To Trigger Facebook Text Effects

How to Trigger one of Facebook’s delightful text effects:

When you answer the question – “What’s on your mind…” with any of the following:

  • xo, xoxo, xoxoxo = hearts
  • congrats or congratulations = balloons, stars and confetti
  • rad, radness = thumbs up

Both you and your friends will be rewarded with animated: balloons, hearts, thumbs up, and various emoji’s.

This process works best on your desktop.

But, if your mobile device is updated to the latest operating system and the Facebook app is updated too – well then you will be treated to balloons, hearts, thumbs up and various emjoi’s on your mobile device too.

How To Manage the Madness of Your Social Media Accounts


Okay, So you’ve created all of your social media accounts. Linked Facebook to Instagram; LinkedIn to Twitter and All to your Blog, but how do you manage the madness that follows?

  1. You can Take a Class and learn how to Do-it-Yourself.
    • Social Media for Business at Ringling College Continuing Studies starts on Wednesday November 1st, 3:45-6:45. Call 941-955-8866 to Register.
  2. You can Hire a Consultant.
    • I am available for Hire 😉
  3. Or, You can Sign Up with Hootsuite, a Social Media Management Tool.